Sunday, February 17, 2008


Yep, I've been grumpy. I haven't knit a stitch in three days. Can you believe it? Have you ever had one of those weeks where every day is like Tuesday and anything you want to accomplish takes five times as much effort as it should?

But that's enough of that. It's time to find my way out of this grumpy swamp and recover my sunny disposition. So here we go, a list of some of the things that make me happy:

  • It's a little bit sunny today. That makes me happy. Maybe spring will arrive soon.

  • I am making bread today, that always makes me smile.

  • English TV chefs and Nigella Lawson.

  • Changing my diet so that I can eat more healthy and wholesome foods.

  • Y coming for dinner, even if I was a real grump.

  • My new toy (a juicer).

  • Deep cleaning the house.

  • Over sleeping my alarm and being woken up by bird song.

  • My family.

  • My friends.

  • That I have the skill and the knowledge to make my own yarn.

  • Yarn.

  • Knitting with yarn.

  • Knitting with handspun yarn.

  • Pears that I canned myself and am now enjoying for breakfast.

  • Digging in the garden.

  • Going for walks.

  • Learning to sew.

  • Receiving parcels in the post.

  • Books that are published so that I can read them on my PDA.

  • PDF knitting patterns.

  • Things that sparkle.
  • Blogging.


TinkingBell said...

What a great list - I also suggest: flowers, friends, fondling yarn!. finishing small projects, and the smell of new baked bread!

Sarah's Blog said...

I think you'd love reading/juice from this book:

It's changed my life!! :)

Miss Scarlett said...

40 posts?!! What in the world?
Bloglines has let me down somthing fierce with your blog.

I apologize for my long absence sheesh - I was going to send an e-mail asking if you were well and today I get an update of 40 posts for your blog!

Well - I read the ones currently on your page. So I'll comment on those for now.

Great list. Sometimes it really helps to remember the things that you enjoy & make you happy. Sometimes you are just too grumpy to even make a list. (and by you I don't mean YOU but ME)

What are you juicing in that pic?
I just caught Nigella on tv this afternoon and I should really get some of her books.

I have an Amaryllis like yours at home and at work - they are incredible flowers. And from what I read on the box, you can save them and bring them back every 4 months. That's amazing.

I'll be catching up here soon. 34 posts to go!
Hope you had a better evening.