Saturday, February 09, 2008

I can hardly wait for spring.

I love windy days where I get to stay at home and cuddle up with a cuppa tea and some knitting. But, what I love even more than that is digging in my garden on a brisk but sunny spring morning.

We went for an amble around Rithet's Bog yesterday. We did a little bit of bird watching, a little bit of photography and a whole lot of enjoying the great, albeit windy, outdoors.

When you look out across the bog, it looks bleak. Everything looks asleep in different colours: the willows are yellow and sleeping; the bull rushes, dry and sleeping; the hawthorns, dotted with haws, waiting for spring to wake them up. Everything appears so still and quiet when you look out across the park.

When you get into the park, everything is so alive. There are birds in every bush. The humming birds out number the ducks. The water rushes over the rocks as it flows into the bog, chasing old man winter out. Even the buds of an early tree have burst open ready for warmer days.

That's just the park. My garden is also getting ready for spring. We've eaten the brussels sprouts, so the only thing left growing in the garden is some garlic.

The potatoes are almost ready to go in. They sit on the windowsill waiting for their chance to jump into the ground and start growing. All their little shoots swelling and waiting for their time to grow. We save some of the potatoes from last year, that way we can get them in the ground just as soon as it's warm enough. Otherwise, we would have to wait until the rest of the country experienced spring for them to ship the potatoes from Back East.


teabird said...

These are such wonderful pictures!

(Is Rabbit hiding in there?)

Brenda said...

How wonderful to see bits of spring in the midst of what appears to be a dreary February day. I too can hardly wait for spring.

TinkingBell said...

Love that creeping up on spring feeling! And can I recommend Dutch Cream, Kipfler, King Edward and Pink Fir Apple potatoes? Yum!!