Thursday, February 07, 2008

I love windy days

I love windy days. To me, it's real winter weather when the wind chases the rain around and against the outside of your home. There is nothing quite so wonderful as venturing out into the storm and walk down to the shop to run some errands. Then, once you are good and chilled to the bone, you arrive home, put the kettle on, and knit with a cuppa tea by your side, wrapped in a quilt, until you can feel your toes again.

I was wondering why 6:49am was such a good time of day for me. Besides that I'm awake by then most days of the month, even if I am just lying in bed listening to the radio, I do pace myself. I do best when I don't have to worry about deadlines. I like deadlines, don't get me wrong, I do need them. I just don't like it when they get too close. It's like when I write an essay: I don't like to only have a couple of weeks to write it, I would much rather be given a month or two to work on it, that way I can have it finished two weeks early and get on with the next project. When I'm rushed to finish something, it always seems to go a bit pear shape.

The same thing with Jenshine's birthday present. If I remember correctly (I wrote it down somewhere) her birthday is early to mid March. That's a month away but I could easily knit a pair of socks in just under two weeks. Faster even, if I made the effort. But I've been working on it since the new year. Why? So I can have the luxury to frog and re frog and then change yarn and re-conceptualize the entire endeavour and frog again.

I frogged it again yesterday. I couldn't get it over my heel, and since her foot is larger than mine I figured she wouldn't be able to get the sock on either. Jenshine is a size nine, whatever that means. I am working under the theory that it means her foot is 8" (or 20cm) around at the widest point. I suppose I could ask her to measure her foot for me as she already knows she is getting socks. Do you think a measuring tape is standard issue in a student flat? If I make the socks too small, well, I suppose I could keep them and make her some new ones.

But I tell you, once again, working with 10 ends of yarn to make a colour pattern (all in one row) is insane! It IS worth it for the effect. Yet, I really hope this is the last time I have to re-knit this sock.

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TinkingBell said...

Oh me too - winter is rain and wind and those calm clear really frosty days - but still some way off yet -although it was 7 degrees C last night (at las a cool night!) Hope the socks are perfect for you this time!