Friday, February 01, 2008

Now, where do I send the prizes?

I have to say, my little contest was more successful then I had anticipated. Thank you, stop, let me say this properly... THANK YOU EVERYONE for entering. I have learnt so much from reading your comments, not to mention I've added a whole bunch of new blogs to my igoogle blog reader. Now I have the warm fuzzy feeling inside because I get to give away some presents.

So, how did I figure out who won? First off I went through all the entries. Most of you got two entries as you talked about things in the house with soy in them. That means that 42 comments turned into 67 entries (by my count). That's a bit too many names to write out on scraps of paper and put into a hat. Instead, I turned on trusty Excel and put the names in there so that each name got a row, and those with two entries got two rows, &c., and each row automatically is given a number. (there are too many to fit on one screen shot)

Next I googled "randome number generator". Google gently chastised me for spelling it wrong, so I clicked on the correct spelling and the first link that came up was I stuck the variables in there and it came up with two numbers.

The first one is first prize and the second one is second prize.

So when I look at my excel chart I see that the second prize goes to number 56 - Carissa (CarissaMarie on Ravelry). I'll drop you a line on Ravelry and get your details there and then I will send you that lovely blended fibre samples. I just know you are going to love it.

And the first prize goes to number 6 - Curlysalamander. I already have your email, so I'll send you one letting you know the good news and we can work out a way to get the yummy oz of soy silk to you.

Congratulations to our prize winners. Thanks again to everyone who entered and commiserated with my loss. Let's hope these fibres will find happiness in their new homes.

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