Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh wise and wonderful people who visit my blog

As far as store bought sweaters go, this is my absolute most favorite sweater ever.

It's made by Eddie Bauer out of 60% Cotton, 30% Nylon and 10% Angora Rabbit with darling tiny shell buttons. Not only does it have snowflake designs printed on it, it also has some larger snowflakes embroidered on in an 41% Acrylic, 31% Nylon, 28% Mohair thread. Why go to so much trouble to tell you the fibre content? Well, simple, I need your help.

You see, I was hand washing some of my more fragile clothing (hand knits mostly), being careful as always to go from light to dark and not to over agitate the more delicate items. I'm very careful with my clothes as I absolutely despise clothe shopping. I can't stand it, so I do everything in my power to make what I own last as long as humanly possible.

When I hung everything to dry, I must of accidentally put this gorgeous sweater up against some red socks. The red dye somehow leaked into the sweater and now I have red patches on the sweater that I cannot get out.

So please, tell me oh wise and wonderful people who visit my blog, how can I get the stain out and return this sweater to it's former glory?


Anonymous said...

II apologize in advance for the long post)

Oh my that's a tough one. I did a terrible thing like that once...I washed a rug I'd made for my son out of brightly colored, cotton potholder loops. It is a small rug so I thought, hey, I'll add some other colored clothes and make it a decent sized load of wash. OMG the rug bled all over everything. Even the blue jeans. I tried everything; washed the bled-on items a few times with and without soap, bleach for colors...even Rit color brightener. Nothing worked. I ended up using Rit color remover. It did take out the majority of the spotting but did remove some of the color of the original items (for instance, a couple of pink items turned a grey color. ick). So, I guess I'd use the color remover as a last resort. You might be ok since the background of the sweater is white, but some of those embroidered embellishments might fade. Good luck!!
Kassia :)

TinkingBell said...

You need Napi-San!! I don't know if they sell it in Canada. It started off being a soak and sanitiser and brightner for nappies (the old fashioned cloth ones) but then everyone used it to take out every stain! It incredibly gentle and yet fabulous! I've used it for all sorts of things - you soak in it for 24-48 hours. If you can't get it, email me and I'll post some to you!!(Providing customs doesn't go weird about white powder in the mail!)

Sarah's Blog said...

I'm a big fan of Oxi-Clean. It can get even the worst oil stain out of something. I bet it would work really well with your cardigan.

It has a scent ... :(
But it's enviro friendly... :)

I have some ... so I can put some in a container for you and you can try it.

Nat said...

This stuff is magic:

If you can't find it there let me know, I'll send you a box.

Miss Scarlett said...

Did any of those tips work?

If not try white vinegar -- I use it frequently on the job - especially good for taking out red paint from clothing (never believe paint or other that is labeled washable!)

I hope something has saved your sweater - it is so pretty.