Thursday, February 28, 2008

so many blogs, it's delightful.

Instead of clicking "add a new blog" to the magic website that keeps track of all the blogs I read: Google Reader, I clicked "mark all as read". So I have to go and look up all the blogs that I have on my list to read to discover who has published since yesterday. Oops. It may not seem like such a horrible thing if reading blogs isn't your thing. But, it sure is my thing. It's what I do to wake up in the morning. I drink my coffee, read blogs, read ravelry, then get ready for the day. It's a ritual that I enjoy.

So today, I go into the master list of blogs I read. I've discovered that I read forty (40) different blogs. Who would have thought there would be so many? I thought maybe I read 10 or at most 20 different blogs, but not 40. It's just that when I find a blog I like, I add it to my list.

I have some exciting things to tell you about that happened yesterday, but they really need photos to show them off. I will have to wait until the light is good (sunlight is so much better at capturing colour and texture than the camera flash). In the mean time, I'm off on an early Easter egg hunt to try and find which blogs I've read and which I have yet to.

ETA: Make that 41 blogs now. I know I don't comment on every blog I read, but that doesnt mean that I do not enjoy them all. I'm more of a blog lurker than a go-get-em commenter. I love the little window into peoples lives that their blogs let me see.


Michael said...

my blogreader might have capped 70...

TinkingBell said...

I have no idea how many I read althogether - 40, 50, 60? I just like them all, and the vicarious sharing of peoples lives - but only the lives of people you like!(and think you'd like in real life!)