Friday, February 29, 2008

Why Y is wonderful.

I had a wonderful evening with Y the other night. She made me a scrumptious dinner of spring rolls, potato pan-fried circles, and sushi. Not to mention she gave me some delightful goodies. I hope you don't mind me showing off how lucky I am to have a friend like Y.

Because my hair is starting to get long, she gave me a hair stick. I figured this would double as a knitting needle in an emergency, or even as a supported spindle (like a Russian spindle) if I ever run out of yarn. It's also excellent for putting my hair up with. What a versatile present. There was also a carved wooden box specially selected because it matched my weaving related wall hanging that I received for Christmas.

Inside the box was a fantastic surprise (well, I did ask for it, but I didn't expect so many or for them to be so beautiful):

Stitch markers!

I love stitch markers. They are like shiny gems for your knitting. I don't wear much jewelry, so it's a special little luxury to put beads on my needles. Have a look at these wonderful sets (the blue set hiding in the box is from before, click on the link for a close up.):

I wonder if I could convince Y to make more for sale? I know I'm in love with them.

I really am lucky to have Y for my friend. Thank you for being you.

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