Friday, March 07, 2008

Flour Mill or grinder

The third thing we brought home last Saturday is a Flour Mill.

Actually, I'm not certain if we are suppose to call this a mill or a grinder, but I'm going to stick with mill as it has two stones that rub together in a circle so it seems very mill-ish to me.

This was a birthday gift from my father and I think it is really going to change the way I bake. In fact, this year has been a year of changing my entire diet and eating habits. I think it's funny that I should receive a new mill the same week that the ever-graceful Curlysalamander got her very own nutrimill. I haven't bought myself a large amount of grains yet as I'm waiting for some more medical results that will tell me if wheat is okay for me to eat or not. I hope it is because that white wheat that Kitten and Mr. Kitten gave me was so delicious. I think I would be more than satisfied living off of white wheat.

We gave the grinder a try with some organic rye bought in the bulk food section of the local market. It appears to work marvelously well. So, I'll use up the different flours I have in the home, then it's only self milled flour from here on in.

It is suddenly convenient that most of the baking recipes I have list the dry ingredients by weight. That way I can weight it out, then grind it.

Thank you Dad for such a wonderful birthday gift.

As for university, by some mericle, I've finished most of my Kant essay early. I still have quite a bit of editing to do, especially since I've exceeded my word count and I still have one part of the question left to talk about. I'll be very happy when It's finished and handed in as, I suspect, Kant is not beneficial to my health.


Josiane said...

What a wonderful gift! Enjoy!

TinkingBell said...

Oh hurrah - not a millstone around your neck - now you can put your nose to the grindstone (falls over laughing at own bad puns!)

Nat said...

That is absolutely beautiful.

Nat said...

Upon inspection, I have questions. :) It looks like wood, but seems to have electronic controls. I may be wrong about both of those things but if not that's extremely interesting. How does it work? And how do you clean it?

JustApril said...

I didn't recognize you as "Raven"! It's awesome to see you again =)