Sunday, March 09, 2008

The great walking wheel

The last of the items we brought home is very large. It is a walking wheel.

As I expressed earlier, this is not the easiest thing in the world to photograph. My first attempt went something like this...

(yep, I'm not exactly good with those photo editing programs)

It's a great old wheel. I'm told it is several hundred years old and I can believe it. All the original bits and parts are hand worked. There are some additional elements added later on such as replacement spokes and a shiny new wheel axle, but that just adds to the charm. It's in near working condition and with a tiny bit of love and attention will be fully up and running in no time.

I like the motion of spinning on this wheel better than any other. It involves the entire body to make make yarn. The arms stretch wide and it makes the chest feel very open. The motion is very peaceful and requires very little effort to make lots of yarn. I think it should be named a dancing wheel, not a walking wheel. I really love it.

Just look at all my wheels. I'm crazy.

Some videos for you:


And if that didn't convince you that sheep are cute, here is a flash game to take up your afternoon.


Josiane said...

Well, to put it simply... wow, just wow!

JustApril said...

Really beautiful wheel, you aren't crazy, you're a collector =))