Monday, March 10, 2008

Hot Cross Buns

Since Easter is almost upon us I made some Hot Cross Buns with some delicious white wheat given to me by the ever-generous curlysalamander.

I am very proud of these as I made every bit from scratch including candying the citrus peal.

That seems like a lot of effort, even for someone who loves the domestic arts as much as I do. And it is a lot of work. But the only way I seem able to manage my health is to go to the extreme of preparing from absolute scratch every morsel of food that enters my mouth. It's frustrating and tiresome to put this much effort into food, especially since we don't know what the cause of my illness. But then again, I do get to learn new things such as how to candy lemon peal or to make hot cross buns. These are skills I might not have bothered to learn otherwise.

I guess I'm saying I'm conflicted. I hate being ill, but I love expanding my culinary talents.

Now that I have more energy I can do more cooking (and even cleaning) which will give me more energy, &c.. It's great when I'm on the upward circle towards good health. Now I know what I have to do to get there and to stay there, provided nothing else goes drastically wrong.

I feel so good about what I accomplished making these hot cross buns. It's such a simple item, but being successful at creating it makes me feel hopeful.

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Josiane said...

These buns look very tasty! It's interesting to see how meaningful something like this can be, too. I totally understand where you are with this all: I do have my own health issues, and doing much of what I eat from scratch (among other things) does a lot for me to feel better and stay well. I'm glad to know that you're getting better.