Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Question: What's the one (okay, you can put more than one) thing you hate (or if you love leftovers, love) most about leftovers and what is your favorite thing to do with leftover food to make it more appetizing?


JustApril said...

put interesting cheese one it =)

JustApril said...

ON it, not ONE it - duh =p

Nat said...

College student leftover "experiments" from me:

Baking or frying often makes for tastier reheated restaurant leftovers than microwaving (I know, eww)

Leftover not-as-soft bread makes good french toast.

Cooking things that keep well. Leftover chicken pot pie is really tasty cold, and soup gets yummier the longer I keep it in the fridge for some reason (I think the ginger I put in it gets stronger and ginger is the best).

This is weird, but mixing dishes up. If I've got rice and chicken or something, I put them in the same container with some yummy sauce of some sort. It makes something like a precooked meal I can just heat up and go. This even works with pasta which seems to get all weird in the fridge otherwise.

My parents make "riceandpeasandcorn" with leftover rice, frozen peas and corn, and a bit of olive oil fried together. It keeps and reheats better than plain rice.

My dad puts egg and cheese (I think) into leftover mashed potatoes and fries them into potato pancakes. I'm not big on mashed potatoes but those pancakes are one of the best things ever. :)

~Tonia~ said...

My favorite leftovers id Chicken n Dumplins. Just reheat and eat. Love it.