Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Not yet yarn

It's been a funny sort of day: a typical Tuesday really. The type of day where everything feels slightly off as if you slipped slightly to the left of reality when you got out of bed this morning. It's been that kind of a day.

To make the day a little bit more manageable, allow me to show you all the new yarn I was given:

Okay, I know, it's not yarn yet, but it will be. At the moment it's one humongous garbage bag brimming over with fleece. see....

Very, very dirty fleece. It even smells like farm. That's what makes it so wonderful. It smells like a sheep (in all it's glory). A sheep that lived a happy life outdoors and played in the mud when it wanted to. A real live, albeit somewhat dirty, sheep.

And it was a gift. A gift of free fleece from curlysalamander.

I washed some up and carded it up this morning. What I thought was going to be strange brown-yellow fleece ended up being white. WHITE! I have fleece.

okay, calm down. deep breaths.

I'm very excited about my fleece. I don't know what kind it is except to say it is from a sheep and it was going to be tossed away before curlysalamander rescued it for me. It's soft and very fine. Much finer than my Romney fleece. It cards and spins far easier than my Romney as well. I'm in love with it.

There is a lot of farm left in the wool. But that's not so bad because with every bit of grass or grain I pluck from the fleece, I imagine what sort of adventure this adorable little creator of wool might have got up to in order to bury this bit of vegetation so deep into his coat.


Josiane said...

Oh, the wonders that will do a little soak in hot soapy water! The transformation always amazes me!
Did you give this unknown sheep a name? I know that the fleece didn't come with much info, but since you'll be spending quite a bit of time with it, might as well find a name for it!

Terri said...

It is beautiful! Congratulations!

JustApril said...

Who is daft enough to try to throw that away? Oh well, I'm glad you got it, ye who has a plethora of spinning wheels =) I'm surprised it is white, too, cool.

curlysalamander said...

I'm so glad you are having fun with it!