Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Okay, so I'm a bit confused. The radio just advised me that there is a possibility of flurries (as in snow flurries) this morning. You know what, I'm not confused, they must be the radio people who are confused. We get a kind of snow this time of year. It's when the wind picks up and blows the petals off the trees. This looks like snow, and sometimes even makes little 'snow' drifts along the edge of the sidewalk. That must be what they mean.

Actually, I've been teasing all those poor people in the rest of the country who have real snow (for example Wool-Crazy In Ottawa), so it would serve me right to get some real snow. I envy real snow, it's not something we get here very often. I would love to enjoy a real snow storm. The only thing is that my potatoes are up, my spinach is growing, and I've just put a second batch of seeds in the ground yesterday. So, I'll qualify all my dreams of snow. I would like snow to come here in winter, that would be fine by me, just don't let it invade my spring.

No matter how confident I am that the people on my radio are confused on this snowfall issue, I'll take my camera with me today just in case. I wouldn't want to miss a snowfall in the middle of spring.


Josiane said...

Oh, if you really get snow, I hope your vegetables will survive it! It's always a bit difficult to decide when to plant stuff in the garden around here, as we never know how late will the last snow come. I remember seeing some in May!

Brenda said...

We got a bit of snow up here today. Not enough to stick to the ground, but it did stick to my car a little bit. I was NOT impressed, I'm so wanting to wear open toes shoes and bare feet! It's supposed to be spring after all!

JustApril said...

Well, if it's just flurries, it'll probably melt before it even hits the ground. If it's warm enough for things to be growing that should be the case. Don't worry too much =) We get Spring snow here all the time, and it doesn't hurt much.