Thursday, March 06, 2008


Spring is officially here!

I met with one of my oldest (known the longest, not age-wise) friends on the weekend for a walk in the park and to give her this:

Some very, fine silk handspun single that I haven't found a use for or anything to ply with. So I figured it might be appropriate to sew or embroider with, and since my friend does cross stitch and embroidery, I thought she should have it.

She gave me some gifts as well, including a gift certificate to buy yarn at the Beehive. Yeah for YARN!

After picking up some tea and coffee we wondered into Beacon Hill Park.

The crocuses provide a colourful carpet between the trees...

...the mallards were preparing to make those cute little ducklings...

...and some of the rhododendrons (looks like Christmas Cheer) were in full splendor.

It was a lovely walk in the sunshine and a lovely talk with an old friend that I don't see anywhere near often enough. There is still a bit of a nip in the air, but that doesn't matter, spring is finally here (albeit, later than usual, but that's due to climate change I'm sure).

With spring so hard upon us, I went to my allotment garden yesterday to ensure everything was ready for growing. I was delighted to see that my attempts to lure insect eating birds with rendered suet worked. A pair of bush tits expressed their delight with the suet and paid no mind to the fact that I was gardening less that two feet away. Hopefully they will nest and stick around all summer, eating up those nasty bugs that try to invade my garden so I don't have to deal with them.

I planted some peas, spinach and more onions. The rhubarb, garlic, winter onions are growing, and even the potatoes have breached the ground.

It's so satisfying to see this life that I nurtured start to grow.


Holly said...

So many beautiful things all in one post.

I would love a garden consultant. You're a little far north for me, I believe. I am completely stymied by the beginning however. Well, that and the horder of wild rabbits that eat everything I plant.

Josiane said...

Comparing your pictures to what I see from my window, one wouldn't believe that we live in the same country! We can feel that Spring will make a comeback this year again, but it's far from being here already... We had a lot of snow yesterday, and we are expecting some more for the weekend. If a plant was to breach the ground right now, it would certainly regret it in no time!
If your friend feels like it, it would be nice to share what she'll have done with the yarn. I'm very curious to see what it will become!

Holly said...

thank you for the sunshine and spring thoughts.

I just felt lucky that we had no snow today!
(hanging out in Heidelberg at the moment)

Joanna said...

*Drool* We are still digging ourselves out from yet another dumping of snow. Thank you for the nice spring pictures...I really need to know that spring is near (especially since the newscaster this morning thought it pertinent to inform us that so far this winter we have had almost 12' of snow dumped on us! 12 feet! Yikes!)

TinkingBell said...

Beautiful spring (and here we are in the surge of autumn - winter soon.....) gorgeous photos!