Monday, March 31, 2008

That's one brave Kauni knitter

I loved knitting my Kauni cardie. Kauni yarn is great. It does half the work for you by changing colour gradually as you knit. The rest you do yourself by knitting squares (or other good things) in a pattern. It's an excellent pattern for someone who wants to try knitting colour work.

Lately there have been more and more Kauni cardies showing up in the world. Curlysalamander has recently posted about her own Kauni creation. It's the most marvelous variation of the Kauni cardie theme. I love the vertical stripes, they make the wearer look extra tall and extra thin. And the flowers, well that's just the perfect thing for her to wear. She often reminds me of a field of brightly coloured wild flowers, so I think the sweater is perfect for her.

There is one remarkably brave Kauni cardie knitter I've come across lately (actually, she found me). Have a look at Knitting sheep, threading beads... and what she did with her Kauni cardie. Like me, she has lost weight from the time she began knitting her cardie so that the finished cardigan is now too large for her. Rather than despair, she has taken steeking to the next level and devised an ingenious solution to the age old problem of size.


JustApril said...

Your Kauni is very very pretty. And the brave steeker extraordinare... that was SO scary! But turned out very well!

curlysalamander said...

There's really nothing in this world that can actually make me look extra tall and extra thin, sadly. But thank you so much for your kind words. You are the best kind of sweetie!