Sunday, March 23, 2008

Yarn fast, where did you go?

It's not like I've bought a lot of yarn lately. But, every now and again, I have bought yarn. I've bought yarn for projects for myself and for other people. Heck, I've even bought yarn just because it was cool and made out of corn somehow. Through the totally awesome skills I've picked up while studying philosophy, I probably could justify each and every one of these yarn purchases under the conditions of my no-yarn-for-me.

But who would I be kidding? You people are far too smart for me to fool with such tactics. You see right though me, I'm certain of it. And, although I would like to be fooled by my own ability to rationalize away each time I buy yarn, in the end, I too, see right through my own attempts to deceive myself.

When you strip aside all the elaborate rules and justifications, what was the real reason I went on a yarn fast? Well, I had two goals: one, I am running out of places to store my stash. Even though I have been diligent at knitting from my stash, I've discovered that spinning makes more yarn to live in the stash. Despite my efforts to use up stash yarn, the stash seems to be maintaining a critical mass, neither increasing nor decreasing as time goes on.

The second reason why I went on this yarn fasting adventure was to save money to buy certain fibre related items. In this I have been more successful. Among the items I wanted were a carder (check), a second wheel (check) and some more fleece (check). Those things I have acquired. The other thing I am saving money for is to take my Level One Masters Spinners. It's the first year of a 6 year programme put on by Olds college. This year I'll be taking it at Gibsons Landing and I'm very excited. Financially, this I'm a bit more worried about. But something will come up that will help me with this. Perhaps some (soy free) organic farm would like to hire me as a farmhand/apprentice for (at least) the summer. I sure would like that. Sigh.... but enough dreaming, I'm here to talk about yarn.

So, what about the yarn fast? Well, I do need to be saving money, so I need to spend less money on yarn and fibre. But I think I need to stop kidding myself that I will live up to my no-yarn-for-me guidelines. How about a new guideline for me and my yarn buying adventures? How about, each time I'm about to buy yarn, I stop for a moment and think to myself, "Bird," for that's what I call myself, "would you rather have this yarn, or would you rather spend this money on going to Gibsons?" Perhaps that will be enough.

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kracicot said...

I feel your pain. I've been thinking about my yarn fast as well... perhaps we should only allow ourselves to buy yarn for one project after we have completed two or three from our stash. Admittedly this could get out of hand easily, finish 3 mittens and buy a sweater worth of yarn... but perhaps by scheduling 'cheats' it could make things a bit easier while still achieving our goal?

Good Luck!