Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Black alpaca for honeycomb?

I dug through my rather small fibre stash (it use to be larger, but there seems to be this odd phenomena where as my fibre stash decreases, my yarn stash increases - couldn't imagine how that happens she says tongue in cheek) and I found some black alpaca fibre.

I like it. It does, as you can see, compliment the yarn I've made already.

There are only a hundred grams of this fibre, so perhaps it would be acceptable for the edging around the neck and arms and perhaps for an inch of twisted ribbing at the bottom of the Honeycomb vest. So I do have this option.

Still, I really like the idea of knitting the vest all in one colour. The uniformity of the pattern is what draws me to it. I like the way it merges together to make one complete item and I worry if I used different colour yarn it might look disjointed.

I also like the idea of knitting a stst back if I cannot come up with enough yarn. I am selfish though, and I enjoy knitting cabled patterns better than I do knitting stocking stitch.

For the time being, I think I'll wait a few more days to see if I can get some more of the original fibre to spin up. I'll content myself by working on my clessidra socks. That should help satisfy my desire to knit cables for a while.

(oh, when I referred to my small fibre stash, I didn't include the fleeces as they aren't finished being processed and aren't ready to be spun)


Anonymous said...

Heavens, of course you don't count your fleeces as fibre stash. They are part of your fleece stash (and you didn't even know you had one, did you?). I only know this because I have all three myself.
If I had a vote, I'd vote for all one colour in for the honeycomb.

Have fun

TinkingBell said...

Oooh Rav - how I love thee - even though you are a complete timesuck and you enable my stash beyond anything reasonable! )love the fleece - but I'd try and get some of the original!

sarsbar said...

The black could work nicely... but I understand your desire to do it all the same! And your spinning looks so nice and even...
I'm actually in the same boat right now, though on a bulky vest. I had only 180g of greyish alpaca, plied it with greyish wool... and then knit the vest top down. Ran out of yarn at a rather short length! Need a good 4 more inches. I've been scouting for more of the alpaca - bought from Gibsons fundraiser. I do have some darker alpaca I could use... but I'd rather not!
(a couple pics on Ravelry as sarsbar).
So... for you, I'd suggest waiting a bit! See if you can get the right colour!