Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ohhhh, road trip to Vancouver.

Before I tell you about yesterday's road trip, I want to share with you what Y told me when she saw my post about her quest for love. She said;

“Thank you for your immediate action for my future husband hunting!!! You did a very good job about describing me. I hope someone will reply to your blog, hopefully.”

Well, here is hoping. Let me know if you or someone you know is also looking for love in this big wide world of ours. Don't forget to check out Y's criteria.

My father, Y and myself woke up far too early in the morning to catch the first ferry of the day over to Vancouver. It was quite interesting watching the people untie the boat from the dock and polish the bell. I don't know why polishing the bell was such an important task, but apparently they do it for the first sailing of each day. It was a beautiful brass bell and very shiny. I wonder what they use it for. Something to do with fog I suspect.

Y was very tired for having to get up at such an unreasonable hour. So was I. That is saying something since I consider 6:30am to be a reasonable hour.

Whereas back in Victoria it was sunny and warm all day, Vancouver was decorated in a typical winter sky. It was very grey and threatened rain at every moment.

Even in the rain, Vancouver is beautiful. There was a lot of construction going on, I suspect to get ready for the 2010 Olympic games. Aside from the crazy drivers, the city has a great deal of charm.

After accomplishing the main errand that brought us to the 'big city', we had the day to ourselves. So, we went to Granville Island. I love that little Island. We use to go there when I was a kid. They have a mall that is just for children called, Kids Market, and a vibrant artistic community with, I'm told, several art schools. There is also great shopping with fresh organic produce, artisan crafts and what I suspect are some of the best lunches in the country.

Any thoughts on what this is?

It's a Tiffin. A word that comes to our language from India which is also where we get the word Tiffiny, meaning lunch.

The Indian food here was so good that we all had lunch our very own new tiffin. We also get to keep the tin and bring it with us next time we visit Granville Island.

I decided that since Indian food is one of the only kinds of foods that does not use ingredients I am allergic too, I will learn how to cook it and eat it several times a week. So I bought a cook book.

And as you can see, I also discovered Maiwa. My friends at the spinning group talk about it sometimes, but I didn't really understand what it was like. They have two shops on the island, one mostly imported things from different countries like India, and one, recently moved to a well ventilated location, that specializes in making things coloured. Dye stuff! I think I must of spent an hour in there looking around and asking questions of the very helpful shopkeeper. I left with a starter kit for natural dyes and a beginners book on how to make my own.

Near Maiwa, there were crows nesting in the awning. They are cute now, but they will be all so aggressive once they have eggs in the nest.

After that, we drove around Stanley park.

And here is Y running down some steps in hopes of getting a better view of the lighthouse which was hidden somewhere at the bottom of the cliff.


Robyn said...

Oh, I know what that is! I have a tiffin or at least an approximation. I actually went to Vancouver expressly to find one (oh and to visit a dear friend or three;) ) in Chinatown (they were way more expensive). They work so well as lunch boxes for actual meals.

JustApril said...

I WANNA go to Vancouver - wwwaaaaaa!

Looks incredibly awesome, Tiffins are cool, what a neat concept

Josiane said...

Oh, that Indian place had an awesome idea! I love that you can go with your own tiffin to have it refilled! I wish at least one of the Indian restaurants around here would do it too.

Michael said...

If you are curious, I have a copy of 'an introduction to natural dyeing' by robert and christine thresh (1972). I have heard that it's a good, kind of a classic book. Let me know if you'd like it, I'm not putting it to use.

marydotmusic said...

Jon and I went to Granville Island too back in February and I bought some fabric at Maiwa and had lunch at the exact same Indian spot! It's like we did the same trip! :) Makes me want to go back now. :D