Saturday, April 19, 2008

Such a strange occurrence

I'm so glad I mulched my potatoes last weekend. They have already had one set-back due to frost, they don't need another one due to snow.

That's right, snow!

I've never seen it snow after February in this part of the world, but we got snow yesterday. At first there was only a little bit and I could convince myself it was just weird shaped flower petals.

But then there was more,

and eventually, there was even more.

My father and I were having our biweekly (that's the traditional meaning of the word meaning twice a week, not once a fortnight which is how most people seem to misapply the term lately) dinner at my Grandfathers home. The snow was coming down really heavy, so we decided to sing Christmas carols. This is what I do on my Friday nights, sing Christmas carols and play crib. What else would I do?

When I got home, I decided I needed a hat, so I cast on and completed Minds Eye Hat by Shannon Okey from the book Spin to Knit.

I used some alpaca-silk blend I spun up a while ago. It's Navajo plyed and quite bulky. It's also absurdly soft.

The weather forecast threatens more snow again today, so I'm glad to have an extra warm hat to wear.
PS. I officially hate Blogger right now. 3 stinking hours to make such a small post work. That's three hours of frustration (well, 1/2 an hour was spent wrestling with my photo editing program), but still, that's too much frustration this early in the day and when I'm already quite ill. If this keeps up, I'm switching blog providers. Blogger, why can't you be good today? And they can't even get the stinking paragraph formatting right, it's been, what four years using thing system and the paragraph formatting is as bad as ever, maybe worse! Pressing 'enter' twice means that I want a gap between paragraphs, not five gaps, not no gap, but one gap! - why is that so difficult to understand? Why?!?

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Josiane said...

Here in Montreal, we've been having beautiful sunny days with temperature in the twenties (Celsius) all week long, and you get snow?!? That's official: the weather is totally upside down!
At least, you can get some use out of that gorgeous hat without having to wait until next winter...