Friday, May 23, 2008


I've been working on a secret project lately. I'm trying to design a pattern for a little something with a specific logo on it that people can knit up and wear to certain events. However, this involved learning intarsia.

I wonder how I managed to get this far with knitting without learning intarsia. This method is perfect for putting a coloured image in some knitting. For example, do you remember those knitted Christmas sweaters with a picture of a reindeer in the center front? I think there was something like that in the movie Bridget Jones' Diary. That is just one of the things you can accomplish with this technique.

In truth, it's not that hard to knit this way, it just takes a bit of focus, a whole lot of patience and these:

I found this idea at Learn Intarsia Knitting. It works wonders, but even with getting everything else right, perfecting the technique, &c. I discovered that the graph I was working from will end up being three times two tall for what I aim to make. So much for taking short cuts.

Back to the drawing board.


marydotmusic said...

Funny enough, I had only learned to do intarsia a few months ago myself! I recommend using a yarn winding method by making a "yarn butterfly" for all those little bits of yarn. After doing a quick search, turns out Knit Picks has a great tutorial on intarsia and yarn butterflies. (Though I don't wind between the middle fingers, I just wind around all 3 or 4 fingers.)

Miss Scarlett said...

I haven't tried intarsia before.

The clothespegs way looks nice and tidy.