Monday, May 05, 2008

It's snowing

Yesterday was as warm as summer. Walking in China Town in the sunshine, too hot for even a sweater, there was a slight winter breeze gusting every so often from the ocean. The flowering plums that line the street were in full glory, and each time the breeze blew down the street, a myriad of white petals floated among the pedestrians. More than one person commentated that it was snowing and I thought to myself, "Ah, at long last, real Victoria Snow. " This is what snow is usually like in Victoria in the spring time.

On the way home, I popped into a Mediterranean shop on Pandora that Kitten had recommended to me. I tell you, this place is huge and jammed full of spices. I'll have to get my spice list and come back there when I have more time. It's like stepping into an old fashioned grocers with big open sacks full of exotic spices and good things to eat.

Speaking about spices, I have been mixing up even more spice mixes.

This time I opted to buy a coffee grinder just for spices (I have one in my home for my morning flax, but I thought that perhaps, spiced flax would not be the best thing to have on my morning oatmeal, but then again, it might be yummy). What would have taken me over an hour to grind in my little hand grinder, now takes less than a minute. I'll still use my cute little mortar and pestle for small daily spice grinding, but the coffee grinder will become the primary tool for grinding in bulk.

These are some of the ingredients of Kashmiri Garam Masala before they get dry roasted in the pan.

Just look at this colour. I want to knit a sweater in these colours. Aren't they fabulous?


Michael said...

Which shop was that?

Josiane said...

u had me worried for one second when I read this post's title! Real Victoria snow must be a lovely thing to see...

marydotmusic said...

Ooh, I love that shop on Pandora. Not the best of neighbourhoods, but what can you do! :) (Heck, I even live in that area, so who am I to complain.) Have you tried their samosas? Darn tasty. The shop owner is really nice too. I go there for my spices also.

Another one that is supposed to have a big selection (though I haven't been) is "Seven Valley Fine Foods" another meditteranean shop (on Douglas by Bay - same side of the street to Popeye Suppliments).

TinkingBell said...

There's a reason so many things used to be dyed with spices 9and if you don't believe me, look at what happens when you drip curry on a white shirt - turmeric is a gorgeous spice dye!)

Since I got my new coffee machine that does its own grinding, my coffee grinder is the spice machine!

Sarah's Blog said...

Mediterranean shop on Pandora?? Where?