Saturday, May 24, 2008

Knitting and Sewing

Today I'll be knitting in a park enjoying the sunshine and a nice picnic lunch with these happy bees.

But, before I head out, I was wondering if anyone has either of these books and can tell me a little bit about them. Are they worth getting? (In theory, if you click on the photos, it should send you to the page for each book.)

Keep in mind that I am very new to this sewing thing. I'm the kind of learner that likes to know how everything fits together and have a lot of trouble just following step by step instructions. I know my library would probably carry the books, but I can't go in there due to my allergies - as it is, I have to read any book in a well ventilated location (like outside) and entering a book store or library to have a browse through the books would do me in. So, I will rely on you wonderful people to tell me what to buy (don't get too drunk on the power I'm giving you).

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adamgv said...

I love knitting! The only thing I have a problem with is fuzzies which cling to my garments. The best thing to use is a fabric shaver. The best one I know of is on the link.