Wednesday, May 07, 2008

More Vegan a Go-Go

After I wrote about the vegetarian experiences of my youth and how excited I am about the upcoming book Vegan a Go-Go, some kind person slipped me this card.

On one side of the card there is this completely awesome picture. Admit it, you melt at the sight of all that vintage luggage. I know I do.

On the other side is a tasty sample of what is to come, the recipe for Righteous Orbs.

Look at those yummy little bite size treats. They taste so sweet and are filled with energy. Yet there is no sugar in them and they are, dare I say it, healthy. I used coarsely ground flax seed since I didn't have any hemp in the house, but it still turned out yummy. I'm going to have trouble not eating them all before the road trip.

But I must say, I can hardly believe it. I made vegan food. Not only did I make vegan food, I made yummy vegan food in less time than it took for my tea to steep. For a vegan virgin like myself, this has got to be some sort of miracle. I suspect that this Sarah Kramer woman has super powers or something. Just look at her standing guard over that mountain of treats. I feel confident that no super villain is going to get their hands on my Righteous Orbs.

Speaking about road trip, I'm off up island in a few moments, so I had best get ready. But first I will leave you with a few links to keep you occupied.

  • Want to learn more about Sarah Kramer and exciting vegan stuff? Check out Go

  • I have completely fallen in love with Majula's Kitchen. It's like the food channel meets the Internet. There are all sorts of Indian recipes on the site, each with their own video of Manjula making them. (Although I still cannot get the hang of roti, I think it's my pan. When all else fails, blame the cookware not the cook.) There is a Vegan friendly section too. Actually, many of the non-vegan recipes only have butter (or ghee, which is like butter plus) and I suspect that they can be made vegan friendly.

  • My blog made it into something called Green Stomach this week. It is a place that collects all sorts of extra good (and mine) posts about being vegan from different blogs around the Internet.

  • Along the same lines as Green Stomach, Knitting Friends is a great place to read about knitting. The party line is, "Love knitting? Each day, Knitting Friends identifies the top 15 knitting stories and blogs of the day". What's not to love about that?

  • And if that's not enough for you, these three blogs have also captured my attention. They each have delicious photos of food and more recipes than I can shake a bamboo knitting needle at.

It's all about food lately. I've been trying to rekindle my passion for making the kitchen messy. Don't worry, I do have some yarn related activities to tell you about later this week. But right now it is time to hit the road.


Josiane said...

The Righteous Orbs look yummy!
I totally fell in love with Manjula's Kitchen too! The other day, when you posted about her video on how to make roti, I followed the link from YouTube to her website, and I quickly realised what a gem that was!
Considering your track record with providing me with awesome links these days, I'm taking good note of the new ones you are sharing. Thanks again!

Michael said...

That is awesome! Righteous, even.

Leanne said...

I had a dream about you last night! You did me a favour (I think you house-sat for me....weird) and instead of paying you I bought you yarn, and i went to the store and didn't realize how much I had paid, and it was like 80$ for a little bit of "wheat yarn" (don't ask me how i came up with that) so I had to return it, and then i woke up....bizarre eh?

flax seed said...

I could easily recognize the flax kernels coating the treats. This sure looks yummy and healthy. Flax seed oil is enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids. Well, if you don't grind it and mix it as it is, the husk is still packed with dietary fiber nutrients. This is truly a perfect treat for vegans!