Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ramble, summer, fibre festivals, sewing, and random thoughts

I cannot think of anything specific to blog about today, so I'll take you on a ramble through my current thoughts.

I love the way the air feels in the early morning Victoria, BC, summer. We live near the ocean and it often provides us with a soothing breeze so that about 4 or 5 in the morning, even on the hottest of days, the air is crisp and clean and cool enough that one can do all their daily tasks before the mid-morning siesta. I'm not a hot weather person, or much of a cold weather person for that matter, but at least in cold weather one can wear knitted sweaters to keep warm. But in summer the only way for me to feel cool is to get up absurdly early, make certain the fan is on and the blinds are closed to keep the sun out, and drink lots of hot tea (a little trick I picked up in South America: a hot drink for a hot day).

Thinking about summer makes me think about fibre festivals. I'm actually very pleased that there are not so many fibre festivals for me to attend this year. I'm trying to save up as much money as possible for my trip to Gibbson's in August. but, due to my illness, I have no source of income at the moment and I am rapidly running through my savings, despite all my attempts not to spend money. Little things like loosing so much weight mean I have to buy a new wardrobe worth of clothes every two months, and since my illness makes me sensitive to scents, I cannot enter a second hand shop or the mall without loosing consciousness and likewise, I am unable to wear the more affordable synthetic fibres and must purchase the natural ones (better for my health, but not so good for the savings account). Therefore, I buy new, expensive cloths every couple of months. This leaves very little money left for spending on my hobbies or buying treats for my friends and family.

I wonder if there is some way to use my sewing machine to make my old clothes smaller but still look okay? I mostly wear blouses and jeans these days but I am thinking of moving to skirts because if I shrink any more (not my fault by the way, it's from being ill - I don't recommend this as a weight-loss programme, it sucks) I can just add pleats (I know how to do that now). Wearing skirts is also a good excuse to knit kneehigh socks.

Speaking about socks, I'm participating in my first full sock exchange. It's done through the local guild and I am most excited about it. I will knit a sock for someone with a wide foot so I was thinking of knitting Monkey. I have a narrow foot and wear tight socks, so I'm not certain what would be the best pattern for wide feet. I could always try to design one, but I'm not really in the designing mood right now; not for socks anyway.

As for today, today I'm sewing with Y. I might try my hand at a sun-hat, but the instructions are impossible to follow. I think I'll use the pattern paper to cut out the bits from the fabric, then sew it up how I think it should go. If I do this right, it will be a reversible hat.

I find sewing has started to become almost as soothing as knitting which is not too bad considering that a week ago I couldn't sew two bits of fabric together without having a huge fight with the machine. I wonder if there are any online tutorials that I can read to improve my sewing?


Josiane said...

Wow, it's great that your relationship with sewing changed so completely in such a short time! I'm sure you'll soon be able to do the needed alterations to your clothes.

marydotmusic said...

I started with sewing before my brain went all KNITTING. There's lots of great online stuff, such as Craft Stylish which is a new online thing (they had a different site before). There are a multitude of great books too. In fact, I have an extra copy of "the Reader's Digest Complete Book Of Sewing". Awesome resource for all things sewing. If you want my older copy, it's yours. I was just about to sell it!