Sunday, May 04, 2008

Vegan a Go-Go by Sarah Kramer (coming soon)

I'm really taken with the book Vegan a Go-Go. I know, it's not out yet. I know, I'm not vegan. But I still want to buy this book.

I have a confession to make:

Vegan cooking has always intrigued me, yet I must admit that I am rather frightened of it. When I was young, my mother experimented with all sorts of 'healthy' foods. Unfortunately for me, my mother believes that food is only good for you if it is intolerably awful tasting. My mother also believed that vegetarian (we didn't know what vegan was back then) and/or healthy food must imitate the food it is meant to replace. So, when my mother was on one of her healthy benders, I had the misfortune to be served 'healthy', horrible, homemade, imitation hamburgers; made that much worse by the fact I cannot stand 'regular' hamburgers.

Now that I am older and have control of what I eat, I realize that eating healthy (and ethically) is extremely important to me. I also feel very strongly that each ingredient should be honoured. It should have it's own place in the meal and it should not be mutilated in an attempt to imitate something else. For example, if I were to eat vegetarian 'ground meat', I would much rather have some sort of nut and grain mixture that tastes like nuts and grains rather than have tofu that is altered beyond recognizably in an attempt to make new vegetarians not miss meat so much. This opinion may seem odd to you; but perhaps, you will understand what I mean when I say that cooking and eating good food is the very core of how I see myself in this world - it is the closest thing I have to a religion in my life - it is who I am. I live by the belief that if an ingredient is good enough for me to put it on my plate, it should have pride of place. I believe that I should honour the food I eat.

This is why I'm frightened of vegan cooking. I have never before seen a vegan cookbook that I could incorporate into my belief system or reconcile with my past. That is I have never seen a vegan cookbook that could do this, until now!

I am familiar with Sarah Kramer's writing and cook books. I think that she is an absolute genius. In her other books, she doesn't just give you recipes, she gives you a way of life. A healthy, well rounded, adaptable, tasty way to live as a vegan in this world of ours. Even if I have no plans of becoming a vegan any time soon, I can still enjoy some vegan fare. I have a feeling that this book is going to be just as amazing as her previous ones, if not better.

Once it is on the shelves, I'm buying this book to see if I can add a little bit of vegan into my life.


Sarah's Blog said...

awww shucks.

Josiane said...

Wow, I don't know how you're doing it, but you keep coming up with the most relevant links for me these days!
I'm vegetarian and I thought I wouldn't go vegan, but I'm getting closer (especially since I stopped eating dairy products a few months ago, when I realised that they were what was messing with me at the time - I got way better the very next day!). Ok, all this to say that eating out is often problematic for me (even when I was "simply" vegetarian, and quite a bit more now); from the description of this book I can see that it will certainly be very useful to me.
Thanks again for mentioning it!

TinkingBell said...

I adore good vegetarian food (although I am not a vegetarian - not all the time, anyway) - but particularly love Indian vegetarian - anytime someone says Vego food is dull - I make curries and dhal - mmm spicy!