Friday, June 13, 2008

The add said, free to a good home, so I called.

I answered the add in the newsletter. "Free to a good home," it said and when I phoned the number printed at the bottom of the advert, I was subsequently grilled. What sort of history did I have in the field? What did I intend to do with this item? Where did I intend to keep it? Do I have anyone who can teach me it's proper use and care? How long did I intend to use it? Would I pass it along to someone deserving when the time came that I was no longer able to enjoy it?

I must admit, it was a longer and more grueling interview than I had ever had for any job. Yet, it was a topic I love and eventually I earned the right to come and visit said item and interviewer to see if the item and I would be a good fit.

I had my doubts before I arrived, but when I saw the loom (yes, that was the item, a huge countermarche loom) I fell in love. I tried to act all cool and professional when all I wanted to do was to jump up and down with excitement and hug everyone and everything in sight (yes, I did end up hugging the loom).

Needless to say, the loom and I were a match. The kind weaver gave it to me at no charge; this most valuable piece of equipment that will fulfill my weaving needs for decades to come. It was a gift of unmeasurable proportion and I am truly grateful.

We took the loom apart and put it in the van. It will be an adventure to put it all together again.

I feel almost as if I just got married to the loom. I imagine this is what marriage is like: the love at first site, the anticipation, the nervousness, the excitement of the day when you finally belong to each other, and now I'm at the stage where I've carried my 'husband' over the threshold and all that remains is to train 'him' not to leave the toilet seat up. I think we are going to get a long just fine.


Josiane said...

Congratulations, not only for a great find, but also for passing the evaluation with flying colours! ;)
The fact that the person from whom you got the loom took the time to interview you to such an extent tells me that she really cares about it, and that she most certainly took really good care of it over the years she's had it. You really found a gem there! Happy weaving!

Micky said...

Awesome. You were meant to see that ad. I hope you and your loom are very happy together. For a long time.
Now let's see some weaving, k? Ooh and maybe even a vid of it working?
; )

Fun Knits said...

That loom sure got a good home. I am sure you will do it justice. Great find. I will share with you what I learn at my weaving course this summer in Gibsons