Monday, June 30, 2008

cheer me up

I want to say thank you to the Kittens (Mr, Mrs and little Kitten) who helped cheer me up this weekend. I stopped by their house to see all the exciting things they have going on there. Even though I interrupted their dinner (sorry about that), they took me on a tour of their fibre crafts.

Imagine the world's most wonderful fibre arts studio and turn it into a home. Baskets of yarn and of clean, yet unspun fibres garnished almost every room. More spinning wheels than I can count, all in working order, decorated the home like sprinkles on ice cream. Oh, and the weaving! Looms! Small looms, a big loom, woven goodies hung on the wall... You know how I get at a fibre festival sometimes when I'm completely overwhelmed by all the yarn related goodness? Yep, it was like that. I wonder if they would notice if I were to break into their home and sleep in the yarn? I guess I shouldn't have announced the plan on the blog because now they will be on the look out for me.

Even little Kitten (the cat) is so well behaved. She had her own little baskets of clean wool locks for sleeping in and didn't even give the yarn a second look. What I would give to be that cat and to live among all that fibrey goodness.

Despite the heat, my father also gave me a treat to cheer me up. He set up my huge, countermarche loom.

No, the mallet is not for taking out frustration on the (almost) defenceless loom. It's for gently pounding in the pegs. There is only two mettle parts for all of the loom, the reed (for beating the fabric) and some loops for tying the string to the lams. The rest of the loom is all wood and made by hand.

It's a joy to see it all set up and it actually takes up less room like this than it did in pieces. I still need all sorts of things to make it go, like a bench, some yarn, &c. not to mention learning how to tie up the lams. But it's a loom and it's all mine!

Next, all I have to do is learn how to weave. It can't be that hard, can it?


Josiane said...

Oh, how nice to see your loom all set up! I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures in weaving. A mere few steps away from the house where I'm moving (less than two weeks from now!), there is a community space with four (I think) looms set up, and my understanding is that the women using them would be delighted to help me learn. Maybe we'll soon get to do a little learn-to-weave-along together!

Micky said...

Yeah you have it set up.
I am sure you will have no trouble at all learning.
I can't wait to see the beautiful things I know you'll be making.

Knotty By Nature Fibres Arts said...

It looks beautiful!