Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Design element

I decided to call my mistake a design element as it's such a small little thing I was making.

A pin cushion.

One of the troubles I've been having with sewing, other than learning to preshrink my fabric, is the pincushions. They are all so big. I like to put the pincushion on my sewing machine, next to the arm that goes upright. The big ones keep getting knocked around by the fabric. I have one that is shaped like a tomato with the green top glued on so I cannot put any pins on the top of the cushion which is what I naturally tend to do when sewing, I can only put the pins around the side.

So I've been thinking about pincushions. I even spent an hour or so browsing Etsy and looking at all the lovely pincushions other people had made, but none of them really spoke to me. What I really wanted was a simple knitted pincushion like the ones I read about in Jane Austen. Jane Austen never really described what they looked like, but I had this image in my mind. This weekend I set out to imitate my vision of a perfect little knitted pincushion, and I did.

Isn't the bottom cute?

Now I'm completely in love with making these little things. I think I'm going to have to make some more. Soon my home will be overflowing with pincushions of various size and design. I must admit it, I think that having the right pincushion makes sewing so much more fun.


marydotmusic said...

I've been meaning to make my own pin cushion too. But one that would have velcro straps so that you can strap it to your wrist so they are easily accessible!

Nat said...

Eeeeeeeee, I want one! That's so cute. :) It's like a little hedgehog.

saoriweaver said...

That's exactly the term that I use with the Saori weaving - a 'design element' - as in Saori weaving there are no mistakes :)

Beth said...

Coincidentally I've been checking out pincushions on Etsy too ... they're so adorable! Love the felted ones. Yours is very cute too.