Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fibre Festivals: Friends

Knitting has a great paradox inherent within it. The action of knitting is a solitary thing. It is something that one person does with their hands alone; making one piece of cloth at a time with one lot of yarn. It is a singular act that by definition, is committed alone.

Yet, knitting also lends itself to communal proceedings. People flock together and knit in harmony with one another. When one knits, one participates in the grand tradition of knitting and, in a metaphoric way, knits with all those who have knit before and with all the people who have yet to pick up the pointy sticks. Gathering together in groups, at cafes, pubs and parks, people continue this tradition. Knitting has at it's very core this ability to take loose strands and gather them together into something stronger than each knitter is as an individual.

Knitting friends, yarn friends in general, are something different. We already share an intrest and it makes it easy to talk to another knitter even if you have never meet that person before. Even when we come from vastly different backgrounds, we bond. I love that about yarn-people. There is an understanding that, yes, we are very different people, but we love each other. The connection we share with yarn, allows us to interact peacefully with people we normally wouldn't come across in our daily life. It allows us to expand our horizons, and I feel, makes us better people for it.

I love my yarn friends. What's more, I love fibre festivals because I meet so many new yarn friends there.

Last year, at the Victoria Fibre Fest, I got to know some wonderful people. To name just a few; Shades of Bliss, Close to my Heart, Fun Knits, and Knittingfool. I still read all of their blogs avidly (even if I almost never comment). Something else magical happened last year. I took a beginners spinners course with Brenda, who subsequently invited me to a spinning group where I met a wonderful flock of people and found a gateway into a world of yarn that has existed in this city, right under my nose, for generations.

This year, I hope to meet even more wonderful yarn friends. I'll be working at the Fun Knits booth which is great because it forces me to overcome my natural tendency to be shy so I can make even more new friends. I can't wait to see what this year has in store for me.


Josiane said...

You really have a great way to express these things, your words are right on. And those flower pictures are beautiful too!

Miss Scarlett said...

Love those clematis pictures!

It's so true about connecting via craft isn't it? Well written.

Beth said...

Thanks for the mention! It was great to meet you too last year. In fact, when I met you I was so excited because I had never met another blogger in person before besides my mom! :-)