Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fibre festivals: luxury


Fibre festivals are about treating yourself to something you wouldn't encounter in your every day experience. Even the simple act of attending the event is like an exceptionally rare bite of chocolate. It is an experience for all the senses: the colour of yarn; the friendly noise of the crowd; the texture of fibres against your fingers; the smell of the wool, silk and flax; and the taste of an extra special fibre day lunch. For those of us who love yarn, it is far more luxurious than a day at the spa.

I always end up bringing home a skein or two of yarn for which I have no plan. For a person who plans every project to the extreme, this is a luxury in itself. There is something about the atmosphere of the festival which allows for me to unplan, as it were, to relieve myself of the idea that I must know exactly what I will knit with the yarn before I put my hands on it. This impulsive skein usually has silk in it and is quite often of a sock variety. That is the thing about luxury, it allows a level of freedom that one wouldn't normally get in one's life.

Lace, for me, is luxury taken to the extreme. Lace is delicate and open, it speaks of other worlds, of another time and another way of life.

This white shawl is knit in 100% cashmere. Knit by the Victoria Fibre Festival organizer, Marilyn, in the Harbour Lights pattern designed by Sivia Harding specifically for this weekend.

It was designed on the theme of Victoria being a harbour city. The center ray is like the light houses that protect those who sale into our harbour and the large panels have rays of light radiating across a shell pattern like water breaking over the rocks as the tide comes in.

This red shawl is the Phoenix rising also by Sivia Harding Knit by yet another amazing lace knitter.

And this WIP is Tuscany, designed by Amy Singer. It's knit in this amazing yarn of linen wrapped in silk by VicKnitChik (ravelry link).

I've always found lace to be a challenge, but once it's finished and blocked, wow, is it ever worth it. It's a bit like getting ready for a fibre fest. You have to remember to get cash out of the bank, arrange a carpool there and back because, one, it saves on gas, two, makes parking easier when there are less cars, and three, we are environmentally conscious yarn lovers. You have to make certain you eat a hardy breakfast so that you can last through the shopping and other events until lunch. Sign up for classes so that you can extend your fibre skills, and don't don't forget acquiring your ticket to the talks (like the one by Sivia on Saturday night). There is a lot to do. But, boy oh boy, once you arrive and see all the amazing things, it sure is worth it.

The pattern and kits for the Harbour Lights Shawl will be unveiled at the Fashion Show on Friday night and will be available for sale at the Knit-Out on Sunday.

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Josiane said...

The Harbour Lights shawl is beautiful!
The day I'll finally get to a fibre festival, it will truly be a little luxury, especially considering how far I'd have had to travel to get there... but I'll enjoy every minute of it!