Friday, June 20, 2008

Fibre Festivals

I've been searching my brain to just find one reason why fibre festivals are so delightful for me. What is it about fibre festivals that makes them so magical?

Whether they last a few hours or a few weeks, fibre festivals are transitory. They are not like a yarn shop which is always there for you in your time of need. If you need to replace a broken needle or to brighten up a bad day by buying that extra special skein of yarn, you Local Yarn Shop (LYS) is always there for you. Fibre festivals aren't like this.

(This photo is from the Button & Needlework Boutique who will be participating in the Victoria Fibre Fest, both as part of the yarn crawl and at the Knit-Out)

Sometimes we travel a long way to attend fibre festivals, sometimes they happen in our very own back yard. The festival itself is an experience of extended bliss, anxiety, enjoyment, soothing comfort and a burst of energy. But then, far more quickly than it came, it's over. You go home to you life. It doesn't matter if you walk a few blocks to your front door, or travel half way around the world, the festival is still over. It's finished. Full stop.

But, it's not a full stop. The event may be finished, but it still lives on. You get home and you read the blogs of all your new friends. You take a moment out of your busy day to enjoy a cuppa tea and your new memories. Maybe you join a new knitting or spinning group that you learn about at the festival. Maybe, you took a class and carry this new skill (and the tools that go with it) home. Maybe, ah, who am I kidding, there is no maybe about this one, you have brought home a skein of yarn or ten, and you place this yarn in a delightful pile to the left of your computer monitor, that way, you have something comfort you while you work.

The projects you make with your newly acquired stash last far longer than any fibre festival. I still have the socks I knit with the yarn I bought at last year's fibre fest. I still have some alpaca fibre waiting to be spun up into a project. These things last for years. Even after they are gone, you have friendships, skills, memories, inspiration... All these things are what makes a fibre festival so very special to me. It doesn't just last a day, it lasts for as long as I will remember.

Then there is the next fibre festival; a whole new experience to be had. Though, not in the same way a yarn shop, there something permanent about fibre festivals. They are like the tide, transitory and everlasting at the same time. Always moving through time, but always there when we need it most.


Josiane said...

The lasting effect of ephemeral events is a wonderful thing!

Raven said...

'ephemeral' - now that's the word I was looking for. Thanks.

TinkingBell said...

I so envy you fibre festivals of any kind! and love the fact that something so timebound, can in fact go on and on!

Miss Scarlett said...

What a beautifully written post!
This is my favourite: 'They are like the tide, transitory and everlasting at the same time.'

Enjoy the Fibre Festival.