Monday, June 16, 2008

Victoria Fibre Fest and Fun Knits

I had received some sad news. Shelley of Fun Knits, the main sponsor for the Victoria Fibre Festival and Knit-Out is not able to come to the fibre festival due to an emergency with her other job. She has asked me to care for her booth in her absence and I have accepted.

Shelley is amazing. Just being around her makes yarn look that much brighter. I've unofficially appointed her as one of my mentors (I haven't told her yet) as she has this almost magical insight into knitters, knitting and yarn. I know it is devastating to her that she won't be able to come to the festival, it means the world to her, but she chose to do a good deed rather than fulfill her own desires. I'll do my best to make her proud next Sunday at the Knit-Out, please stop by the Fun Knits tent and say hi.

It is people like Shelley who sponsor events like the Victoria Fibre Festival and make them possible. If you are someone who enjoys attending the Victoria Fibre Fest, please stop by her blog and tell her how much her contribution means to you. If you are out of town and not attending this year's festival, stop by and tell her how much people like her mean to you. I know she would appreciate it.

Another way to show your gratitude is to stop by the Fun Knits tent (and at all the other sponsors of the event) and buy yourself a special treat. This works for every fibre festival and yarn event around the world. Sponsors put a lot of themselves into the event and are part of the trifecto that makes a good fibre festival: sponsor, organizer and participant. By attending the event we tip our hats and say thank you to the organizers (they also love an in-person thank you) and by shopping at the vendors we say thank you to the sponsors.

My thoughts are with you Shelley.


Josiane said...

That means you'll experience the fibre festival in a very different way than what you were expecting. I hope you'll enjoy it, and you'll have a great time!

Fun Knits said...

Mentor sure - Can I adopt you Raven - you are so sweet. Blush , tears and Thanks you

Miss Scarlett said...

Raven that is so cool. It is a shame for Shelley but what an opportunity for you.

I really wish I was able to come this year - but the timing is really bad. We have a huge work fundraiser on the same weekend. Maybe next year...