Monday, June 09, 2008

Victoria Fibre Fest and Knit-Out, one year later

Did you ever have one of those days that changed the way you live your life? I'm talking about a happy kind of day, a day when you leave your house mildly excited about the nifty thing you plan to do, and come home again filled with a new sense of hope and pocket full of new friends. You know the type of day I mean, right? The type of unsuspecting day that, without you noticing right away, set you on a new path that changed the way you approach the world? A happy, bliss-filled kind of day.

I had a day like that about a year ago. At first I thought it was simply a fantastic day of fun and fibre - The Victoria Fibre Festival. But then, I got together with some of my new friends to practice my new spinning skills, and that led to other activities like spinning at the Saanich Fair, which led to me joining the local Guild. Now, a year later, I feel a different kind of person. I have skills that I never thought I would have and friends, well, I didn't think they made people like that anymore; they are truly wonderful and always willing to help.

The Victoria Fibre Fest and Knit-Out 2008 is on June 20th - 22nd and promises to be even better than last year (don't believe I had fun? Read this.). There are a lot more classes this year(including the Spinning course with Brenda that started everything for me), and I hear that there is still some room left in them.

The guest speaker will be Sivia Harding, wow, can that woman knit lace, who has designed a shawl especially for the occasion: The Harbour Lights shawl. Sneak peek here and here. I'm really tempted to knit this, it would be perfect to wear to those extra special occasions. As the festival is nothing but fun and fibre, the main sponsor is of course Fun Knits yarn shop; who by the way, will be selling kits for the Harbour Lights shawl at the Knit-Out and market on Sunday. There will be a special discount price for these kits just for the Knit-Out, so if you are tempted, don't let this opportunity slip by you.

Don't forget to mark it on your calenders and book the weekend off from work and family obligations. This is a weekend well worth treating yourself too.

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Miss Scarlett said...

I'm so disappointed this year. :-(
I thought it was going to be on the same weekend as the KIP day but alas -- the Fibrefest weekend is the same as our huge work fundraiser night.
So there is no chance I can make it over to the Island.

I hope you have a great time - meet lots of lovely fibre enthusiasts and beautiful finds.


I'm catching up on your blog so the following notes are re: older posts.

I LOVE your pics of the albino seaweed. Really beautiful photographs. I don't think I have ever seen albino seaweed before - amazing.

We have a worm composter outside that I built in my Uncle's shop.
You know if you have a wooden box with leaf mulch and paper shreds your worms are quite insulated. Mine have wintered 2 seasons outdoors in our carport. If there was any worm loss it was so minimal I didn't notice it.
also -- I tend to 'neglect' my worms and they make out just fine.

I thought I would mention it in case you are still not 100% sure about the electric one. I have to check that link out. Sounds cool.

I've recently taken most of Nigella Lawson's books from the library. She has an interesting relationship with food. So many mouthwatering sweet/treats but...I've noticed there are not a lot of veggie dishes.
Can't have everything I guess.