Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Limping around the house today, trying to decide if I should get my wrist x-rayed. Afraid, that if I let the doctor look at it, she will tell me to put a cast on and that would really cut into my knitting/spinning.

The postman just delivered a huge box of yarn for one of two knitting commissions I have (shh... top secret both of them). It's the most wonderful yarn ever and I just want to start knitting. Will have to learn one handed knitting. Perhaps get a knitting sheath - do they still make them?

anyway, this made me laugh the first time I saw it, so I went back with some knitting friends to get a photo.

I do have a one track mind? - even my yarn-friends thought I was odd.

In other news, one hand typing is hard.


Michael said...

Get It Looked At. Go ASAP.

Leanne said...

I agree. Also, take into account that the cast they may put on will keep the hand stable, may allow you to knit and spin, and if not, your hand will heal quicker, allowing you to knit and spin sooner!
Hope it all turns out ok. I took a nasty fall and hurt myself this weekend...I got an xray and it turns our I'm ok, just muscle damage. So, whatever the outcome, it's still good to get it checked.

Skipper said...

Poor you! I just logged back on after a computer crash, so haven't read your blog for a few days. Hope you're better!

Knotty By Nature Fibres Arts said...

Funny, you also made that link. One of the things we are going to have at the store is a knitting needle exchange. For fun, I had plans to make a biohazard needle organizer/holder for the needles. The idea was to try and make the craft accessible to as many people as possible in varying income brackets.