Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random ramblings

As for the sewing machine, thank you to everyone for your help and advice (both here and on ravelry). After re-threading, changing the needle, &c. it worked perfectly, for all of three inches. At that stage, I decided that the best thing for me to do was to walk away. I'm very lucky that I have different sewing machine that loves me unconditionally.

The Tour de France ended on Sunday; but, for me, the Tour de Fleece ended on Saturday morning. I wish I could say that I finished early, but even now, there remains a small'ish pile of fleece waiting to be transformed into yarn.

Ever since I was attacked by the car door and hurt my wrist at the beginning of the tour, I kind of lost momentum. After a few days, my wrist healed but I had fallen behind. When the end of the tour suddenly loomed up upon me on Friday, I re-assessed my position in the race. Yes, I had plenty left to spin, but did I think I'd be able to finish it all in time? Yes, if I sprinted towards the finished, I would make it with several minuets to spare. So I sat and spun, and spun, and kept on spinning all Friday and pausing for a brief moments sleep, continued to spin early Saturday morning. Then it happened, with a loud snap, my wrist refused to work. It's some how related to the incident with the car door, and if it's not better when I go see the doctor next week, maybe I will tell her about it.

In the mean time, the wonderful Indigo Moon recommended Arnica, so I promptly bought some cream made from the golden flower which seems to being doing the trick.

It's a shame I didn't finish the Tour De Fleece as Fun Knits gave out a wonderful prize to a random member of team Van Isle who finished the race. I'm also not up for knitting at the moment, which is hugely frustrating as I not only have several knitting commitments that I am knitting in lovely yarn.

It's so frustrating not being able to perform simple tasks like typing with both hands, or knitting. But, let's see if I can look on the bright side: I can still sew (so long as I don't have to pick up anything with my left hand), so that at least is something.

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Josiane said...

It's a good thing that you have a sewing machine that is still being good to you. As I understand it, the timing would be extremely bad for it to turn against you...
Be careful with your wrist, so that it heals as quickly as possible!