Monday, July 21, 2008

Seattle North

Many of you won't know this yet, but I spent much of last week in Seattle on a rather expensive medical thingy. I am hopeful that this expensive medical thingy is going to finalize a diagnosis so that I can start to get better again; but, I won't know that until the end of next month when I get to go on another very expensive medical thingy. But enough about that. All you need to know is that there is hope for me yet, but it's not confirmed.

We took things easy on our journey and spent most of our time travelling. I did, however, make it into two yarn shops during my trip. I bought some weaving supplies and some fibre samples for spinning including seacell and corn fibre.

I discovered some beautiful sources of inspiration for future pattern designs.

And these adorable little sheep that live in La Conner.

There were many amazing things to see as we drove through the country between Anacortes and Seattle.

One of the things I found most striking, in a beautiful yet horrifying sort of way, was this facilty.

I don't know what it did, except make lots of smoke/steem.


Anonymous said...

Peek-a-boo - we don't know each other - I stumbled upon your blog! Hope you don't mind??? I liked your pictures so I read your La Conner entry :)

I am commenting to answer your question about what those pictures were of.

The pictures you weren't sure about are of the oil refineries. In the 1855 Treaty between the tribes and the gov'nt that land was designated as belonging to Swinomish.. and then President Ulysses S. Grant violated the agreement and gave it away to homesteaders less than 20 years later.the land was sold to oil refineries in the 1950's and has caused a lot of damage to the Swinomish salmon and shellfish industry.

Most don't know this. Some of our local kids did a documentary on it and flew to DC to talk to our reps but were denied an audience with local and state politicians.

That's probably a lot more than you wanted to know..??

I'm so glad you enjoyed this area! come again soon :)

Josiane said...

Oh, I hope you get your diagnosis, and that it comes with good news as for the treatment! I guess that the coming month will feel really long to you, as even I can't wait to know!

teabird said...

Thinking all the best and strongest thoughts for you -