Friday, July 18, 2008

Still taking it with me

Here is a portion of an email I sent in responce to the questions about that ingenious food wrapper I wrote about earlier in the week.

As I understand it...

...the food wrapper was made from linen cloth and treated with a mixture of beeswax and other oils. I asked [the person who made it], and she said there was no soy in it. It's not 100% air tight, but when keeping (non chemical) foods [short term], you don't want air tight. Food, especially fruits and veg. off gasses (I wish I could remember which gasses) which increase the rate that the food goes off. That's over simplifying.

For example, if you put an unripe tomato on the counter, next to an apple or news print, overnight the tomato will ripen faster than it would under normal conditions because it is exposed to the gasses naturally expelled by the apple. However, if you put a ripe tomato in an air tight container with an apple, the tomato will go bad much faster than if it is in the air tight container on its own; which in turn, goes off faster than if it was left out on the counter, uncovered.

This is one of the reasons why you don't store plums or tomatoes in plastic bags for any given period of time.

I really like that the wrapper uses natural materials that would have been used in times before plastic came along. I have her email address if it you wanted to get in touch with her to learn more.

I bought the food wrapper at the Moss St Market: a local, all organic, farmer's and craft market we have in town every Saturday all summer long.

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Josiane said...

Thanks for adding those details. The person who made it already left her email address in the comments to your previous post about the wrapper, and I took good note of it - as nice as the Moss Street Market sounds, there's no way I'd get to go there anytime soon, so if I decide I need a wrapper, I may simply email her to order it.