Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Take it with you

I picked this up at the local market last weekend. Any thoughts as to what it is?

It's for food.

I'm very much the kind of person who is loath to used plastic for keeping food. So, Tupperware sandwich containers are right out. But I'm also in a position where making all of my own food is an absolute necessity, even when I'm on the go. So, when I saw this, I knew it was for me.

It's an old idea and I've often wondered why people don't continue the tradition. It reminds me very much of something out of Lord of the Rings or an old adventure book, only jazzed up a bit so that it looks fantastically modern.

So far I've tried it with Righteous Orbs and it works great. It's an excellent, eco friendly way to keep my food fresh when I'm on the go. Know what else makes it better than plastic? It folds up nice and small once I've eaten my food. Yummy.


Nat said...

Is there any sort of waterproof coating on the inside? I'd love to make one of these but I'd be afraid sandwich toppings would soak through... :)

Michael said...

I have long desired a reusable sammich packager. Do share where it's from, and does it have a coating indeed (I have heard bad things about those).

Nat said...

Aha, here's where I'd seen this:

Summary of interweb researching:
Vinyl coating (what she uses) noooot so good for food.

This might work though:

Raven said...

She told me that she used 'Bees wax and other natural oils' (not soy) to coat the linen and hemp cloth.

Toni said...

First, I would like to thank Raven for indroducing my Abeego. You did a wonderful job and I love the photographs of it! I would like to assure everyone that there is no vinyl coating. The coating I formulated is 100% natural. All ingredients are already currently used in food packaging and are on the foodsafe list. I have no association with this product: http://thesmallobject.com/stenopad/wordpress/?p=1263
I am committed to making a natural, safe and beautiful product. I am happy to answer questions anyone may have. My email address is abeegodesigns@gmail.com. Thank you.
Toni Desrosiers

Josiane said...

I had seen something like this before and thought it was an awesome idea. This one looks particularly great, and the fact that it is entirely natural makes it even better. I love it!

Valerie said...

I have two Abeego's and I use them for everything. Today I put almonds in one and a sandwich in the other. You can even fit two sandwiches in one Abeego. I know for a fact these are all natural, you can smell how natural it is. All you have to do is see one to know it is a good product.