Saturday, July 12, 2008

Y's Socks

Last year, I bought some yarn from See Jayne Knit and designed some socks to match. It was lovely sock yarn with bright vibrant colours hand dyed by Jayne to match a clematis flower found blooming in her yard.

I knit these socks at the Victoria Fibre Fest last year, during my lessons for spinning and weaving, during the talk by the Yarn Harlot, and even during my visit to the Knit-Out. The socks were very quick to knit, in part because they were ankle socks, and in part because the colours were so delightful, I just couldn't put the knitting down.

Recently Y's socks (from a few Christmases ago) finally gave out. The hole had developed far beyond my limited abilities to fix knitting, so I convinced her that it was easier for me to knit her a new pair of socks. She had her eye on my BC Socks (the socks I had just described to you) and after very little deliberation, I agreed to make her a pair.

They didn't knit so fast as the first pair of socks, mostly because I have so many other projects on the go at the moment. But they did turn out delightful. I used the same yarn and the same pattern, the only difference is that I added some extra thread in at the heal and the toes for longer life.

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Josiane said...

Lovely socks! The colours remind me of a day out picking strawberries.