Thursday, August 14, 2008

getting use to it

I'm still struggling with not knitting and not typing, &c. The thing is, when I don't do those things, my wrist doesn't hurt as much, so I think I'm all better and try to do these things again. It's challenging. It's as if the universe gives me a whole lot of good luck, then punishes me for accepting it. It's been an 'interesting' year.

Thank you everyone for your kind words of comfort. They help make me feel better.

I have been slowly sewing. It hurts my wrist a bit, but not as much as other tasks, so I can at least do something to keep myself occupied.

This time around it IS a blouse and it fits. That makes me happy! I am still not certain how I feel about having a printed pattern on a blouse, I usually wear solid colours except for sweaters. What do you think? Is this something I could wear out and about? Can I wear this to university, or should it be a stay at home top?

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Josiane said...

This blouse is lovely! The colour is really nice, and the motif is pretty and not too big. In my opinion, you can totally wear this out and about!
However, if wearing it outside makes you feel uncomfortable because of the printed pattern, you can try "taming" it by layering it with something solid. For example, you can wear it under a V-neck sweater, so that only the collar peeks out. You could also wear it open over a solid-coloured t-shirt (picking up the colour of the motif) - that way, your pretty blouse will be more visible, but the print won't feel as overwhelming as it would if the blouse was buttoned and the print was the only thing you'd see.
I hope you'll find a way for you to feel comfortable wearing it out: it would be sad to confine such a lovely blouse at home!