Tuesday, August 26, 2008

make me smile

I'm super busy for the next few days. I'll be back blogging again by the middle of the first week in September. Until then, I have a boon to ask.

Please make me smile.

I'm having trouble doing it on my own just now, but I have faith in you wonderful blog people. If you have a joke, tell it. If you saw a funny (and perhaps yarn related) video, please link to it. Online comics like Cat and Girl; tell me more. What makes you smile? Chances are it will make smile too.


Nat said...

These made me smile today:



More soon when I'm not between classes.

Feel better! :( Hang in there!

Nat said...

Omigoodness, and this artist. Took a little bit to track him down again.



Or just watch the full flickr slideshow, they are amazing and slightly twisted. :)

Josiane said...

A friend of mine from Montreal came to a nearby town last weekend for a mini-vacation with her daughter. I met them there on Sunday, and took them to visit a lavender field (http://bleulavande.ca/). When I dropped them back at the B&B where they were staying, my friend (who's planning another getaway there with her son in a couple of weeks) put something in my hands, saying she was lending it to me to ensure that she'd see me again next month.
When I opened the bag and I saw the gorgeous (and tiny!) Golding spindle - which I knew she had bought as a special treat to herself for her birthday - I was shocked... and really grateful! I wasn't expecting to be given the gift of spending some time with that very special spindle! That was very thoughtful of her.
As a bonus, this has brought me back into spinning, as I hadn't done any since the move. And as I only have this spindle for a limited time, it gives me the incentive I needed to get into the habit of spinning every day... I want to make the most out of that "gift"!
The spindle is sitting by my computer, and is totally bringing a smile to my face! I hope this story will do the same to you.
Have a great day!

Micky said...

I'm sure you've seen this already but these always make me and my kids laugh.

And then there is this one.

Hope these make you smile.

Nat said...

Here's Wednesday's SMRS (Something to Make Raven Smile).


A knitting instrument! :)

Jen Roberts said...

Hey pretty lady,

I'm going to call you tomorrow night. I figured there might be a better chance of me getting ahold of you.

Check out this comic that I've been reading. It cracks me up! Hope it makes you smile.