Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Moss St Market - Patterns in Nature

There was a sign that caught my eye among all the glints and glamor of the Moss St Market last Saturday.

A lot of the signs you see at the market advertise prices or products. Sometimes they talk about techniques used to create a particular item or about the environmentally friendly nature of the materials used.

This one sign did none of these things. Instead, it asked me if I was repairing my roof and wanted to allow this man to transform some of my old roof into art. I've never been asked this before so I decided to investigate.

Hiding among some reeds, I found an artist.

Created from re-used scraps of asphalt roofing, these little gardens are a perfect little paradise.

I thought it a wonderful and innovative way to take something that would otherwise act as filler in our landfills and transform it into, not just art, but art where new things can grow.

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Josiane said...

What a creative idea! Brilliant!