Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh dear

I've volunteered to attend the Saanich fair again this year. I love it. Spending time with all those people, show the kids and their guardians about wool and how it becomes yarn. I love spending time with my yarn friends. I enjoy being outside with people whom I enjoy. I've been really looking forward to this festival for months.

Now I've just found out that a person very instrumental in my life is coming to town on that day. This is a once in a life time opportunity to meet this wonderful individual who is such a vital part of my family. I've never meet her before and it is doubtful I will ever have another chance; however, I have this other commitment.

So what do I do? Do I tell her sorry, wrong day, if only you came on a Thursday? Or do I let my yarn friends down? I can always go to the Saanich Fair again next year, but I did make the commitment to go this year. It's difficult, I've had almost the entire summer off, commitment free, then everything comes together on one day. I want to be two people so that I can do both. Any thoughts?

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Josiane said...

That kind of heartbreaking dilemma happens all too often! Nothing on the horizon for weeks, and then everything is scheduled at the same time... That's happened a lot to me lately.
Is there a way to split your day and do a little of both, or would that be too unsatisfying and/or too difficult? If you get to the fair early and spend the morning there, maybe you could get to meet that important person later in the day (or vice versa). I hope you can make it work, as both sound really important to you.