Friday, August 15, 2008

So glad I'm not crazy

So, the doctor recommended these probiotics because they are suppose to be of the best quality you can get in this country. In theory, they have non of the things in them that make me sick: No soy, no milk, no blueberries, no garlic, &c. Being the obedient patient that I am, I took them. I felt sick. I re-checked the label, no reason to feel sick. So I took them again, I felt sick again. Every time I took these perfectly good for me pills, it made me feel as if I had drunk a glass of milk. But there wasn't any milk in them.

I must be going crazy. Something perfectly agreeable to my digestion was making me sick for no reason. I tried ignoring feeling ill, taking half doses, or taking it every other day. The days when I had none, I felt fine, the days when I had some, I felt horrid.

What ever could be wrong? It must be purely psychosomatic.

The pills were wrong (and here)! So there! Not me. I'm not crazy.

Lesson learnt: trust my gut. That, and don't trust anything I didn't prepare myself.

It's always nice to discover that I'm not crazy.

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Josiane said...

That is so bad! And dangerous! I can't believe how some people don't realise they've got to be extra careful when making allergen-free claims on their products...
Trusting your feelings is probably the best thing to do in such cases: it doesn't feel right for you, then it's not right for you. Take care!