Sunday, August 03, 2008

Stay tuned

There may not be much knitting getting done these days, but it doesn't mean I cannot blog.

Later this week, probably Tuesday, I plan to do a series of posts about the local farmer's/craft market: The Moss st Market.

I had a great deal of fun there yesterday, talking to the vendors, sampling the honey, buying goodies and things to put the goodies in. I also got some great photos and discovered some innovative products.

On a completely different note, if you are interested in Lyme disease and the controversy that surrounds it, have a read of this story: Redefining Lyme. I found it well researched and very interesting. If it intrigues you, see if you can find any of the articles she cites at the end of the story.

Here is one quote that I found most pertinent to my current situation (which is yet undiagnosed I might add).

Consider the following scenario: you’re barely able to get out of bed most of the time, but you hardly ever sleep; one body part or another is always in some degree of pain and/or swelling, and when the pain gets bad, it gets really bad; you can’t work, you’re losing weight, and you’re losing your mind ... what would you be willing to do for a chance at getting your life back?

Okay, so I can still get out of bed in the morning, but after about 4pm, my body is completely useless. Three more weeks before the next, expensive, batch of test results get back. Even then, they might not say anything useful. I really want my life back.

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Josiane said...

As I've been living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrom for most of my life, I totally understand what you mean by wanting your life back... Hang on! I hope the test results will help.
I'm looking forward to your series of posts about the market. It sounds like a great place!