Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Vegan a GoGo is Here'ish

Oh my G, oh my G, oh my Vegan a GoGo!

The advance copies of Vegan a GoGo are now available.

Even if you are like me and still a little vegan-nervous, have a click and watch the amazing video. But then again, I have circled the world with almost 20 kilograms of cookbooks weighing down my luggage, so I am more than grateful that I no longer have to wish that I could 'shrink them with a ray gun to make them fit into my pocket'. Where am I going to get a ray gun anyway?

I think this book is exactly what I need to get over my vegan hesitations.


Nat said...

I am also going to recommend:
Totally delicious and cute.

And by the same authors:

Which isn't out yet I don't think, but it looks good.

Josiane said...

I, too, can't wait for Sarah's book to come out! I watched the video yesterday, and I think "amazing" really is the word to describe it!
As a vegetarian who's getting closer and closer to veganism (I've stopped eating dairy products a few months ago), VAGG will certainly be really useful to me when I go out.