Sunday, September 28, 2008

Election Canada 2008 and Rick Mercer

Oh Rick Mercer, you are so adorable. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even know there was an election going on. I mean, honestly. I can drive for over half an hour and see maybe five election signs. I wonder if the Green Party is using eco-friendly plastic for their signs yet?

Maybe it's just because we live on the West Coast. It's really far away from all the 'fun'. I mean, our economy isn't tanking like it is in the 'far east' (Ontario). Maybe it's the pot fumes (this part of the world is famous for that) or the mild weather, but no one here seems to care about the election and the people running barely care about us. I have a feeling that voter apathy is going to be number one on the menu out here.

I'll vote, sure, but what exactly am I voting for? My memory isn't so short that I forget the corruption of the Liberals, and besides, have you seen the guy who runs that party? The attack adds actual paint him in a favourable light (sorry, it's just how I feel about you - you do know you are a scape goat for the party, right?). The Green Party (who I voted for last time) not only threw their support in with the Liberals (quickest possible way to loose my support), but I'm pretty certain that if they used eco-friendly materials for their signs they would say so. If you can't run a green campaign, in my limited opinion, there is no way you are up for running a green country. What about the NDP? I'm sure they are very nice people, but they have never said anything to endear me to them. The incumbent? Lesser of all evils - by that I mean they kept a couple of election promises. Other than that, I don't really like them either. I think at this stage, I'm more likely to act like a true Canadian: to vote against the people I like least rather than voting for a party I believe in.

But I was talking about how charming and funny Rick Mercer is. He can find something entertaining in the most boring of election campaigns. Have a look.

I also love what he says about blogs. It's so true:

...ordinary Canadians don't spend a lot of time reading blogs because ordinary
Canadians know that blogs are basically the domain of idiots, mad people and
news anchors. ...

I'm not a news anchor, I'm not an idiot...I guess my high school counselor was right about me.


Josiane said...

Yeah, I guess an electoral campaign can look very different from one coast to the other, and everywhere in between... I'll spare you my political opinions, at least here (if you want to know, I'll share in an email - and I haven't forgotten I owe you one, sorry about taking so long), but I'll suggest something: if you want another way to choose which candidate should get your vote, you could write or call them, and ask to know more about their (own, as well as their party's) views on health care, and see which one would be most likely to help you get the treatment you need. Or you could see if a local debate is to be held to which you could submit your question - which would be great as you'd reach them all at the same time, and they'll be answering in front of an audience. Maybe you won't get any satisfying answers, but if you don't ask you're sure not to get any, and that will at least serve to sensitize some people to the issue. If you can and feel like it, take advantage of the campaign to get the word out! I for one would be really interested in knowing what results you get if ever you decide to try it.

Toronto realtor said...

Yes, it's hard to decide who to vote, especially when you are not fanatic follower of any of the parties, but you want to use your B R A I N when deciding. Conservatives? Good in economy, but a bit arrogant. Liberals? Good for our freedom, but populistic. New democrats? Too socialistic. Greens have my support because of their green policy (surprising!), but the rest is not so good. Quebec? No, I ma not from there...
So who to choose?!