Friday, September 05, 2008

The first week back at University

The first week of university is a very interesting creature. After a fortnight of rain (it always rains the last two weeks in August), the weather turns extra nice in order to tease those who must return to the grind stones of academia. Students enjoy the sunshine by sitting on the grass and playing Frisbee. They choose to be blissfully unaware of the workload that will devour them next week.

The university takes advantage of the festive atmosphere that infuses the student body this time of year by inviting local businesses to set up stalls in the Quad. This years theme, eco-friendly products like locally grown produce and (although I'm not certain how eco-friendly this is as they weren't expensive enough to be fair trade) clothes imported from the Orient.

One stall even gave me a jump rope in exchange for my pledge to eat more fruits and vegetables, get more exercise, and generally be more healthy in the coming year. You've got to know the world's in trouble when the government spends millions of dollars to get kids to skip rope.

A funny but really annoying thing happened to me, in one of my classes this bloke sat next to me and breathed heavily the entire class. Not just that, he breathed on my arm and my laptop the entire hour and twenty minutes; his breath smelt like hand sanitizer and I think he was chewing on a wet wipe. It was DISCUSTING! He's not going to be sitting next to me again, not if I have anything to say about it.

Another interesting sight:

Construction is everywhere this year. You know, three years ago, there was no construction, but now...Well, if you saw the lovely old Redwoods or the endangered Garry Oaks they cut down to build these monstrosities, you'd cry too. Why couldn't they have used parking lots to build these new structures on? Rather defeats the purpose of having a green market don't you think? Hypocrisy.


sarsbar said...

On that construction site - they put up a bunch of signs last April at the site to explain... the trees that came from that particular site were all non-native imports (beautiful, but non-native). The plan is to extensively landscape with native plants when they are done.... but it is a shame.
Glad to hear you are back on campus - we should do some lunchtime knitting some time!

raven said...

What about the seven Redwoods they cut down a couple of years ago for a different site?

Josiane said...

Summer made a come back around here precisely when everyone was going back to school too... Sounds like a classic!
I hope that the weird guy sitting next to you in that one class was the absolute worst thing about your first week back at university, and that the rest of the week went well.