Friday, September 26, 2008

Great grains batman

Our grain order arrived.

Some oats, rice, white wheat and spelt. All but the rice is to be milled by us using our counter top grain mill as we need it. Given the recent price increase of staples in the last 24 months (the price has quadrupled for flour alone), buying organic grains in this format from semi-local farms ends up being cheaper than buying regular old flour. It's also healthier too as there is less nutrition lost through processing and storage.

I doubt that this will last the year, but we decided to start small in order to see how long it does last, then next year we can order based on what we use.

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Josiane said...

How great! I must admit your counter top grain mill sounds really tempting to me. Having freshly milled flour must be wonderful! I definitely have to look into this... Thanks for the inspiration!