Thursday, September 11, 2008


Does this Lyme stuff interest you? It's not in keeping with my aim for this blog in that it has a more negative bent than I would like to write about. It is however, the biggest thing in my life right now. In the end, I know that this blog is mine and I'll end up doing what ever I want with it, but I'm curious what you think about me sharing the details of this misfortune with you all.


curlysalamander said...

I'm glad you're posting about your Lyme disease, and also glad that you are finding some fun things that make you happy to post about. Love you, the whole enchilada, so don't feel like you need to present just the happy face.

marydotmusic said...

I actually enjoy reading about it because it's such a learning experience too. Although it has negative thoughts attached to it, in my opinion, it's also very positive. To know that you are getting well and that this is so very educational too.

You of course, will write what you want, but I hope you still document it - all the good and bad parts.

Josiane said...

You already know that this is interesting to me. I'm learning new things, and I get to know how you are feeling. Please keep writing whatever you feel like writing - and this being the biggest thing in your life right now, it would understandably be hard for you to try to avoid writing about it. Don't feel like you have to hold off writing until you have something happy to share: I'm happy to read whatever you want to share.

Nat said...

Ditto on comments so far. It is always good to get real updates on how you are doing.

Also, documenting the process of a not-very-documented disease is a huge thing for other people out there who have it or are researching it and might lead to better treatment of the disease one day.